Welcome to AikiFlow

AikiFlow is a club that focuses on internal martial arts and flow arts. Our aim is to develop individuals to their full potential through both aiki and flow principles.

There are Aikido classes, Indian Clubs and Weapons training sessions ran weekly in Keighley, West Yorkshire. For more information click on the links below.

Whether you want to learn self defence, improve coordination or simply find your flow there is something for everyone. The club is a non profit organisation that is ran for the benefit of both the students and instructors.

To register to get your first free class or to join our 4 week beginners trial contact us below.

• Develop good posture •

• Improve coordination & balance •

• Improve concentration and focus •

Build core strength 

Strengthen your joints 

• Learn relaxation 

• Increase awareness 

• Decrease stress 

• Learn self protection